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Proposed text of the message to election commission


Mr. J M Lyngdoh

Chief Election Commissioner of India

Nirvachan Sadan

Ashoka Road

New Delhi 110001


Dear Sir,

 We welcome the Supreme Court judgment of 2nd May, 2002, directing the disclosure of details of candidates to the public.

 We urge the commission to do the following: 

  1. Kindly make the affidavit a part of nomination under Conduct of Election rules, 1961, so that not filing the affidavit entails rejection of nomination.
  2. Please make public the details furnished by the candidates instantly through media and sale of copies to citizens on demand at a reasonable price.
  3. Kindly ask the police in each state to furnish details of criminal record of each candidate, including pending cases, and make them public.

We are confident the Election Commission will enforce these provisions in true spirit of democracy, openness and citizen sovereignty.






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