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Request to Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India

To , 

Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee,

Prime Minister of India

(7, Race Course Road, New Delhi-110011,

Tel. (011) 3018939, 3011156, Fax. (011) 3019545;

Dear Sir;

The Supreme Court in its judgement dated 2 May 2002 in the civil appeal no. 7178 of 2002 with the writ petition no. 294 of 2001 directed that information should be called for on affidavit from each candidate seeking election to parliament or a state legislature as a necessary part of his nomination paper, furnishing therein information on the criminal record, assets and liabilities of the candidate, his/her spouse and dependent members of family and educational qualifications. 

I/We wholeheartedly welcome this landmark judgement of the Supreme Court and fully endorse it. Such a disclosure of the candidates’ antecedents is long overdue in order to make our democracy more transparent, allow informed choice by voters, and the legitimacy of the political process. 

We understand that the Election Commission sent a proposal to government of India incorporating the affidavit as a necessary part of the nomination paper. 

I/we urge you to use your good offices and ensure that such an affidavit is made a necessary part of nomination immediately. Such a step will significantly help cleanse our electoral process. As a leader dedicated to the cause of clean politics and people’s right to know, I am sure you will act quickly to implement the judgement of the Supreme Court in letter and spirit. 





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