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Lok Satta's open  Letter to People of India

From: "Lok Satta" <>

To: "Tirumala Srinivas" <>

Subject: supreme court judgement

Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 16:06:00 +0530

The efforts of Lok Satta and its colleagues to cleanse India polity of criminal elements has received a big boost with the Supreme Court Judgement of May 2nd, directing the Election Commission of India to ask candidates contesting parliamentary or assembly elections to compulsorily furnish details of their criminal antecedents, if any, to allow voters to think before they make their choice. The court said candidates would have to give details on five counts:

1.. Whether the candidate has been convicted or acquitted or discharged of any criminal offence in the past. If convicted, whether he or she was punished with imprisonment or fine;
2.. Whether the candidate was accused, anytime within six months prior to filing his nomination, in any pending case of any offence punishable with imprisonment for two years or more, and in which charges were framed or cognizance was taken by a court of law, and if so, details thereof;
3.. The assets (immovable, movable, bank balances, etc) of a candidate and of his/her spouse and that of his/her dependents;
4.. Liabilities, if any, particularly whether there are any dues to any public financial institution or government body.
5.. The candidate's educational qualifications.
The bench passed the order while disposing of an appeal filed by the Centre challenging the sweeping directions given by the Delhi high court on a petition filed by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

This issue has arisen largely as a result of Lok Satta's Election Watch movement and screening of candidates for criminal antecedents in the 1999 Lok Sabha and legislative Assembly elections. A list of 45 candidates with criminal record was released by Lok Satta, and it evoked tremendous response all over the country. In AP, over the past three years, overt criminalization of politics has come down to some extent due to the public pressure generated by Lok Satta's campaign.

ADR filed a writ petition in Delhi Court seeking such a directive to the EC. This petition extensively cited Lok Satta's efforts in 98, 99 and 2000 elections. The Delhi High Court ruled in favor of the petitioners, upon which the union government appealed to the supreme court citing intrusion of privacy! The congress party was co-petitioner in this appeal. Both the union government and congress party agreed against such disclosure of candidates' record!

Lok Satta and colleagues in ADR are now taking up this issue with the Election Commission to ensure effective implementation of the Supreme Court Judgement, and full disclosure of criminal antecedents, assets and liabilities and educational qualifications.

We need active involvement of all concerned citizens in support of this cause. Do kindly send messages to the Chief Election Commissioner of India at in support of the Supreme Court judgement, seeking its full and effective implementation and full disclosure to the public.

Jayaprakash Narayan
Natioanl Coordinator

Lok Satta
401/408, Nirmal Towers
Dwarakapuri Colony, Punjagutta
Hyderabad - 500 082
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“Save your country from criminal politicians”

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-----Tirumala Srinivas